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Every athlete or sports person relies on the latest techniques to improve his or her performance.

If you are an athlete, sports person, or entertainer, what do you do when you find yourself unable to perform at the desired level?

If you are a race car driver, do you know what effect a shunt can have on your performance? If you are a tennis player, do you have an opponent you just can't seem to beat or a shot you just can't seem to hit consistently? If you are a golfer and you can't seem to shave those last few strokes to reach your score goal, how do you know what to do? As a performer, do you know how to find that last bit of inspiration or motivation to perfectly hit your mark and capture that scene?

If you have attempted to address any issues and are not satisfied with the results, Karl can help.

Are any of the following statements true?

  • I can't seem to hold my position in traffic when the green drops
  • I don't know what to do to take my performance to the next level
  • I know I'm a better tennis player, but I can't seem to beat her (or him).
  • Top 50 in the world is good; top 25 is better; top 10 sounds great
  • I'm afraid the paparazzi will hound me if I become well known
  • I could hit 15 footers all day, but now I can't hit short jumpers in the paint
  • I know that shunt was mechanical, but now I don't feel comfortable in the car
  • I was winning everything in karts; now I can't seem to push for that first win
  • I broke 100, then 90; 80 feels like a brick wall
  • My life is hectic enough; I can't even imagine my life when I start winning

If any of the above is true, then you are a perfect candidate for Karl's expertise.

There are many good performance coaches out there, but there are few, if any, who utilize the breadth of knowledge that Karl does.

In addition to Karl's experience as a business and leadership coach, CEO, and entrepreneur, Karl has won awards running track (won a pentathlon), playing tennis, basketball, ice hockey, and soccer, won high praise driving race cars, and is or has been an accomplished skier and motorcycle rider (both dirt and street). Karl has also flown airplanes, jumped out of airplanes, and is a PADI certified SCUBA diver. There are few things Karl hasn't done.

To help others improve their peformance, Karl uses several proven processes that allow him to address the issues that are preventing people from reaching their goals. These issues are often unknown to the client and/or coaches and managers.

What results would get you excited?

  • Winning that first race
  • Winning that second race
  • Winning that tenth race
  • A Grand Slam win
  • Shooting 75
  • Hitting 20 three pointers in a row
  • Breaking through the top 10
  • Knowing that the best is yet to come
  • Being number one in the world and feeling no pressure

You deserve to reach all your goals.

Let Karl help you realize your dreams!

Contact Karl R. Zimmer III for more information.


Disclaimer: Karl is not a licensed therapist and does not diagnose or treat psychological conditions.

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